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Small Courtyard Garden

These clients have a small terraced garden, reached by a external staircase from their upper floor flat. As a result the garden needed to look good from above, as well as feel private without being too enclosed when sitting in the garden.


I kept the shapes simple, as the space was so restricted, and focused on the main purpose which was to allow for the clients to entertain guests. They also had two cats, as well as several plants they wanted to keep, which would lead my planting choices. I created a central inward looking seating area that is surrounded by raised planting areas, to give a feeling of being embraced by the planting. The square shape simplifies the construction element, and allows space for a small dining table, or a fire pit, whist maintaining access to the stairs, shed and back gate. 

As this is a concept design only, options were also given for different paving options. 

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